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  SP : Chilled Out - The children concept restaurant
Posted at 10/10/2017 07:04:00 PM

Few months back I brought Xavier to Kidz Paradize which is situated at tHE Spring Shopping Mall to have a play date with his classmate. Noticed this shop from afar, and also because it is beside the playground.

Finally got the chance and privilege last weekend and I googled before going that this place called Chilled Out Restaurant is a Children Concept Restaurant which ehem by all God means, in glowy shiny halo lights, a place where you can meet people and chat in peace while your child gets entertained by something other than a gadget.

I brought Xavier to try the concept, TWICE, and I was so happy throughout the night cause he did not even asked for his phone (which he normally does when he goes out sigh). He was so self-entertained by the playroom, the play guides, the activities, the books that I did not even sweat a bit because worrying that he might cause a commotion.

On top of that, the Chilled Out Children Concept Restaurant also provide a nursery room. Could not take a widescale picture, but it is colourful, provides facility such as sink, sitting chair and comfy baby changing bed. Still got this height measurement on one side of the wall. 

What is a Children Concept Restaurant if not without Kids Menu right? I was quite happy cause they have kids portion carbonara which most restaurants do not, and if they do have kids menu, it be a limited choice of burgers and nuggets - like Xavier hands are too puny for burgers, and nuggets just does not sound fulfilling if you ask me. 

A plus for me too having kids portion Carbonara as usually I would had to eat Xavier's leftover cause adult portion too much for little kid, sometimes I could not handle it, and we just leave it to waste. Furthermore, since it is kids portion with kids price, Xavier not only manage to finish, he also save me bucks!

Besides Carbonara, they have kids size grilled meat, vegetables, soup and burgers too. I was shocked however, to find that they also provide a Baby Menu for babies! Really flexible because mothers carrying babies always struggle needing to bring extra food just for the babies - I inquired about the food they provide for this group of age, and they have puree!

I am still quite impressed with the Baby Menu, so let me elaborate more : They have different flavours of porridge (Sunrise Porridge, Fruit & Yogurt, Oat & Apple, Blueberry Oat, Smooth Baby Rice), Paste (cheese veg, baby pasta, baby noodle), Carbohydrate (Rice & Chicken, Rice & Mixed Fruits, Rice & Mixed Vegetables, Wheat & Honey), Protein (Carrot & Sweet Potato, Apple & Orange puree, Apple puree, Pear & Banana Puree) and even choices of Biscuits and Snacks just for the little one.

Now time for some food picture : 

Before I blabber on with this signature drink of theirs - The Lemongrass drink, 

Let me just put out a little information here. Chilled Out Restaurant is sisters to Kidz Paradize Playground and also VH Green Nature Park (Outdoor Learning Experience) Matang. Hence, the lemongrass used to make this signature drink, is from the VH Green Nature Park garden. Damn savvy and healthy, cause you know where it comes from and it is actually quite money-saving. 

(And it is also the cheapest drink in the menu and a score for those who can drink lemongrass)

Xavier made a new friend/Bro on the first time I visited Chilled Out. Garner, a blogger friend as well, he and Xavier manage to bond over toys. Xavier kept on referring him as bro and even introduced me, my own friend, as his 'bro'. 

So here is a Xavier, scooping soup out for his bro. 

ABOVE : Kid portion
BELOW : Adult portion

Food verdict : Food served was scrumptious. However, just one thing I want to complain - that is THE DAMN PORTION SO BIGGGG! On the first night I went, Garner, Aliey, and Ztie who shared the table with me ordered from the grilled selection and they barely finish. What shocked me the most was the price for the portion. I myself ordered on the second time I went to Chilled Out - the grill chicken chop that costed only RM20, my confident self was beaten by the portion as I could no longer manage. while the beef and lamb priced at RM 30 and RM 32 respectively. 

I also enjoyed munching on the sweet potatoes from the grilled set because irresistible! 

They even have combos with the most expensive costing at RM 45, a mixture of chicken, beef, lamb and sausage accompanied with vegetables, mashed potatoes and corn and it is named as 'Sleeping Monster Grilled'.

The adult menu also offered Asian Delights to which I tried their nasi lemak, it tasted like standard Malaysian nasi lemak with the savoury sambal. 

Activity time : Each week, Chilled Out would changed their activities for variants and there is also no specific time for the activities as the play guides from the restaurants are ready to guide (and play/entertain) anytime. 

When I visited, their weekly activity is this seahorse in a jar and also a demonstration of rainbows ina a jar which I purposely did not watch along with Xavier as I wanted to feel how reliable the restaurant's play guide are. WORSE DECISION EVER : because Xavier had so much fun, he did not want to leave the place, and I had to lie to him saying the shop was about to close. sigh 

I asked the ladies behind Chilled Out whether their play guides are reliable, or whether they can be trusted to handle a child because *vomit blood* to handle children, especially lots of them, you really need a mountain tonnes of energy and patience because children can get rowdy and naughty, and no matter how many hours they run a super huge playground, they will never get tired. (proven) 

The ladies told me, "This is why we put out vacancy position waitress cum play guides - to ensure those looking for a job knows what they will be put up to. Furthermore, they are permanently hired, we will put them into a three months probation at Kidz Paradize AKA Chilled Out sister which is a big playground." 

I silently nod my head with approval. and replied her, "oh so basically they are thrown into the jungle before working as play guides here," because seriously, have you seen kids at a playground with other kids. Many times I had to shout at Xavier not to play so rough. Worse is when a fight breaks out, and even if you told them off, the fight still go on. 

Okay this is quite long-winded with a lot of photos, however, I can really relate that we need a Children Concept Restaurant in Kuching because sometimes I do have appointments or a girly meet up but meeting at a cafe (with strong wifi connection) is not practical if we are bringing children. Furthermore, the price of a coffee at Chilled Out is basically the same as a normal cafe, so I can vouch to mothers, you definitely can come and gossip here with your kids entertaining themselves while you yourself entertain yourself also. 

UPDATE : Went blog visiting and noticed how Ztie recorded a video of Xavier during the fun play educational activity. (I thought myself, oh so this is what he did while I deliberately sat at my table finishing my dinner) Thanks Ztie!

Before I end my already long-winded post, here is some more information of Chilled Out :

Chilled Out! is a restaurant with a difference - it is a child friendly restaurant, focusing on kids and educational plays a key role as well. With a superb child friendly atmosphere which we provide all families a great dining as food is more than a necessity where it brings people together whether its connecting with old friends, meeting new interest or just bonding.

Since Chilled Out and Kidz Paradize are sisters, parents sending their children to the playground can also ensure their child is fed as if they are hungry, they can easily request the menu from Chilled Out! and order.

What is NEW at Chilled Out?

We cater for all event, special corner for kids to dine in, kids playroom area for kids to play and learn fun educational activities, weekend fun educational activities for kids and family during weekend, nursery room complete with toddler's facilities, special pastry and kid's menu in kid's style, kids now can create their own meal seat with our Special Kids Menu (picture above) and lastly, the best for diners, DISCOUNT for students, family dine in and our visitors from other sister company (Kidz Paradize and VH Green Nature Park).

Since DISCOUNT is my favourite thing, here are some ways you can obtain from the sisters.
Kidz Paradize member card holder/day pass holder can get 20 percent off,
Family package bought from VH Green Nature Park gets 10 percent off,
With student ID get 20 percent off during weekends and 15 percent off during weekdays,
There will be two randomly chosen child every weekend to get FREE FOOD,
After 6pm, all sandwiches are priced at 50 percent off,
Spend RM 50 above at Chilled Out you can get RM 10 off at Kidz Paradize
& Spend RM 100 above at Chilled Out can get free play at Kidz Paradize #thisishowtowininlife

Location :
No 222, 2nd Floor, 
The Spring Mall,
93300 Kuching, 
Sarawak, Malaysia

Operation time :
Weekdays - 10am to 9.30pm
Weekends - 10am to 10pm 

Social Media :
Check for more information on special festive menu and weekly educational activity.
(Another #howtowininlife constantly checking their Facebook page for a Surprise Under Table announcement so you can get a surprise under your table.. that is if you are the lucky one)

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  SugarBun 'Truly Malaysian Combo' promotion
Posted at 9/15/2017 01:58:00 PM
Those hailing from East Malaysia should be familiar with the home-grown Sarawakian food franchise chain SUGARBUN - as it is not only founded in Sarawak, but also held a significant meaning for Sarawakians. 

As a child living in Kuching, when I was younger, my parents would often bring me and my siblings to SugarBun to celebrate birthdays, or just to have a meal as there is an outlet near our house and back then, western restaurants weren't a go-to restaurant as a child. 

I remember fondly each and every moments I spent in SugarBun, and there was one time when it rained so after dinner, we sheltered ourselves while waiting for my dad to come and pick us up. There were lots of people visiting the diner, and it was always crowded.

Until now, SugarBun has always been my number one favourite type of fast food chicken as it does not feel fatty, nor oily and it has an authentic herb taste, and its crispiness does not feel like crunching on fried plastic which is often the case for unscrupulous business owners nowadays.

Getting out of topic - the actual reason why I am sharing on SugarBun today is cause in conjunction with Malaysia Day 2017, (Held every Sept 16 to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysia Federation on the same date in 1963. It marked the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Singapore and Sarawak to form Malaysia). Hence, SugarBun is introducing the Truly Malaysian Combo promotion. According to Jason Ho, SugarBun Marketing Manager, "SugarBun's Truly Malaysian Combo guarantees an ultimate pleasure for all Malaysians while celebrating Malaysia Day". 


The combo which will be available for 30 days starting from Sept 15 to Oct 15 at all Sabah Sarawak restaurants except airports comprises three different sets in accordance to number of pax.

Combo 1 at RM 10.90 : 1 Nasi Lemak Classic, 1 piece of broasted chicken, 1 cup of premium 3 layer tea (for the singles)

Combo 2 at RM 28.90 : 1 Nasi Lemak Classic, 1 Asian Claypot Chicken Mushroom with Fragrant Rice, 2 cups of premium 3 layer tea (for those going on dates)

Combo 3 at RM 69.00 : 1 Kano Meal, 1 set of Asian Claypot Chicken Mushroom with Fragrant Rice, 1 Nasi Lemak Classic, 5 pieces of broasted chicken and 5 cups of premium 3 layer tea. (for families)


SugarBun does not disappoint cause :

1. Their Nasi Lemak sambal was a fuse of sweet and spicy which is the type of sambal taste I appreciate. Their rice definitely tasted like the authentic santan rice. 

2. Their 3 layer tea is for the sweet tooth as it can get pretty sweet than normal 3 layers, but I guess that is the magic of our local teh c peng 3 layer, tea mix together with evaporated milk and gula apong. 

3. Their broasted chicken. why? YOU DON'T KNOW WHY? Broasting is a method of frying chicken by pressure cooking the deep frying chicken/meat that has been marinated and breaded/coated with seasoning flour and it definitely is different than other crunchy fast food chain chicken

4. Have you tried their Asian Delight menu ? I tried their chicken mushroom soup and it is savoury while the chicken curry gives out a strong herb taste

5. Best part is SugarBun is from Sarawak, therefore being the patriotic Sarawakian me, I always feel proud eating something that is locally grown and success, it just makes me feel that we can do anything if we put our heads into it. 

So run to your nearest SugarBun restaurant to enjoy their broasted chicken, nasi lemak, asian delights and many others including chickies which is chicken finger nuggets, a quick on-the-go snack. 


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  Hotlink FAST
Posted at 6/08/2017 10:49:00 PM

Attended the launched of Hotlink's latest plan in Sabah Sarawak this morning at Feast & Furious Cafe. Received a goody bag from them - a hot wheels car (which Xavier appreciates most) .

When I looked at the toy car, I was surprised as it's not common for goody bags to have toys inside. Let alone coming from a telco company. 

But there is a resemblance of the race car toy & what the telco company is launching. 

First thing first .

We were provided with statistics of internet users in Sarawak & Sabah . Which I found rather interesting . 

77% of the population in both states uses smartphones , the average person uses 7.1gb of internet ; which is the highest in comparison to the other states in Malaysia. 

To add on, Maxis also recently emerged as the overall winner with 4 stars rating, the highest rating standard in telco category in consistently delivering smooth high-definition video streaming across all 14 states, according to YouTube's Video Checkup. 

Without further ado, the latest plan by Hotlink has just made its way into Sabah & Sarawak . 

This plan provides 4 features : 

1. FREE 8GB 4G INTERNET DURING THE WEEKEND - 8GB spread into 4 weekends, with each weekend, users can enjoy 2gb of fast internet . 😍

2. FREE 30GB PER MONTH ON WEEKDAYS HAPPY HOUR - Users can choose any time of the day during the weekdays to use the 1gb fast internet for 1 hour !! Best part is , the internet is FREE and it can be used for any media applications including YouTube 😍 

3. FREE 30GB PER MONTH ON INTERNET LARUT MALAM - Don't think Hotlink has forgotten about our midnight usage . Every night starting from 1am to 7am, users will receive a total of 1gb accumulation to 30gb per month of 4G internet ! Great news for those all nighters / owls . 😍 

4. FREE 1000 MINUTES CALLS TO 5 FRIENDS OR FAMILIES OF MAXIS/HOTLINK - Yes , crazy deals must be completed with more crazy deals right ?? Free calls ?? Eh any maxis/Hotlink  2 users ? Come lets gossip over the phone . Hahaha . 😍

I have been using Hotlink for awhile now . I just love their fast internet so after finding out about their latest plan deal, I immediately change. Existing Hotlink users can also opt for upgrade via the Hotlink Red App (downloadable on Android/IOS stores) and it only cost RM 1 !

For non users, the sim card plan can be purchased at the price of RM 10 and it comes with 300MB preloaded 4G high-speed internet, RM 5 preloaded airtime and free basic Internet.

Of course, everything free must come with a consequences right ? The only terms and condition for this plan is to always keep the number/account activated by reloading your prepaid account. That's all. 

Next is some illustrations steps on how I upgraded my plan this afternoon : 


The app. 

Click on Rewards.

Upgrade rate plan page will pop out. 




Received a text just immediately.


Now all I have to do is to remind myself to use the weekend internet via data since I'm always WIFI-dependent. heee

I'm always in such awe as our modern technology upgrades. Evans used to tell me how he and his ex girlfriend would 3G call each other with what then used to be known as fast speed internet but now realises it's too darn slow. 

In all means, I'll just leave this post for y'all to decide, because yes I can vouch for Hotlink they have a speedy stable Internet. & Today I also learnt that they are gradually covering even tertiary towns in our state. Great news!

Until then.



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